An Open Letter to Tranny Chasers and T-Girl Admirers


The opinions expressed are my own, I do not speak for all Transwomen,

Dear person that is persistently trying to chat me up in the chat room,

I am not here to insult you or make you feel bad, but I want to get you to examine your focus on Transsexal women and see if there maybe something behind that.  I am a person that was drawn to MTF trans women.   I had strongly repressed the knowledge that deep in my heart I wanted to be like them.  This is because I have know since about 8 years old and probably earlier, I was supposed to be a girl.  MTF transsexuals seemed almost magical to me, they became or were becoming who they were supposed to be, they were doing what I so dearly wanted to do but could not admit to wanting.  Still I had that fascination with them.

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